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AU NATUREL Bella Bath Bar

Image of AU NATUREL Bella Bath Bar


Approximately 4 oz. Beautifully Packaged in an Eco-Friendly Brown Kraft Box Sparkled with an Elegant Diamond Jewel

Our Handcrafted AU NATUREL Bella Bars are made with pure Goat's Milk. Goat's Milk has amazing skin softening properties. It conditions and cleanses the skin beautifully. This soap contains 10% real liquid Goat's Milk making a delicate creamy lather. This soap contains everything dry or sensitve skin could ask for! Fragrance-Free. Perfect for dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

HANDMADE SOAP CARE: To help your handmade Bella Bars last as long as possible, keep in a well-drained soap dish and allow to dry between uses. If left sitting in water or in direct streams of water, the lifespan of the bar will be shortened.